$24.00 USD

Bible Study Jump Start

Have you struggled to understand the Bible?

Have you ever thought, "I need to be a pastor or biblical scholar in order understand the bible"?

Have you ever told yourself: I'm not smart enough, not spiritual enough, not learned enough to study scripture?

In this course, I want to help you to see just how untrue those things are!

You were meant to study the Bible! And this course will help.

Bible Study Jump Start is meant to teach you a simple, proven, effective process for studying the Bible that will produce results the very next time you open your Bible!

This workshop includes...

  • Four Lessons that will teach Three Fundamental Practices that Will Immediately Transform Your Bible Study.

  • Training in how to Read Scripture.

  • Insights into the Context of the Bible.

  • Practical Strategies for studying scripture.

  • Bible Study walk-throughs, where I show you how to implement each of these fundamental practices.

  • And more!

To register, just fill out the form on this page.

And, as always, scholarships are available. To inquire, simply email me at [email protected]